Recently I’ve become very clingy 

I’m trying not to be I really am but,

How can you help yourself not to be?

How can I stop wanting to be around the one I love?

Being clingy feels so right 

Yet it still feels so wrong 

I’m sorry that I’d rather be clingy than be that cold hearted individual that I used to be 

7.18.17 ♥️

In these 3 months I’ve become a better mebecause of you .

In these 3 months I’ve loved myself a little more because of you .

In these 3 months I’ve been more open because of you .

In these 3 months my cold core has slowly melted because of you .

In these 3 months I’ve gained a feeling that I’ve never felt because of you .

3 months down and hopefully more to go.


The aftermath

We just finished,

I’m laying next to you exhausted and breathless .

This is the weakest I’ve ever been,

you devoured my soul .

Your kisses, your licks, your strokes,

left me mesmerized.

Trapped in your lustful spell,

baby I’m yours .


she melts ..

you’re craving something chocolatey,

is it driving you insane?

Well I’m the one that can ease your pain .

Look at my skin shining and glistening in the light .

Why don’t you come on and take a bite?

Come keep your mouth busy and discover a feeling you’ve never felt,

as you begin to watch me melt.

A seduction game played well,

Now you know your girl is dangerous as hell .








Here I am wide awake and once again,

my thoughts are consuming me.

I feel like I’m failing myself,

I feel like I’m failing at my relationship.

I fail so hard.

Too many mistakes

I have to try harder

I love …

I love everything about you & I,

The way we hold hands and our fingers intertwine,

The warmth of your hand on mine .

I love how you make my heart beat fast,

as if it took on the persona of The Flash.

I love how you give me this rush,

like I’m playing the hardest level of Candy Crush.

I love how we fit together you & I,

just like the famous duo Bonnie & Clyde.



Story Time 🙃

I’m up and I’m bored soooo let me tell you about the first time I had edibles lmao. So boom check me out right: One day my bestfriend had copped some weed and he was like I’m going to make edibles. I’m like okay cool. So hours later he makes them and we get the whole squad together to try these bad boys out. First off this is the first time any of us had edibles fr fr. I eat one little chunk of the brownie and everyone else follows. A little time goes by and we are all saying that the edible is weak and that we don’t feel a thing. So what do we do? We eat more like we don’t have any sense. I was the biggest fool of them all honestly. I went on to eat 3 more huge long chunks of the edible. 10 Minutes later the edibles hits everybody at the same time. Everybody is high asf. I’m listening to everybody say dumb sh*t, nothing anybody said made sense. Everybody was so loud and moving around but, I myself was quiet. I just sat on the bed and watched them all act like foolish humans. Then I got a little scared because I didn’t want to act like they were. Part of me wanted to walk back to my room but, I knew I couldn’t make it there by myself lol. It would be like the time I was super drunk during homecoming week ( we’ll save that for another late night). Anyways I decided just to stay put in the room and just hope that my high would go away. Since it was my first time I didn’t know how long it would take. I went back onto my friends bed and decided to lay down facing the wall. After about 10 minutes I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the morning. Boy did I feel sh*t . That my friends is the moment I told myself I would never do edibles ever again.